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12681 HWY 3, Rhodes Corner, Nova Scotia, Canada B4V 5N2

TecBox is Certified

checkmark CFIA/CWPCA (Canadian Wood Pallet & Container Association) inspected regularly for compliance.
checkmark CWPCP (Canadian Wood Packaging Certification Program)
checkmark ISPM#15 (International Standard for Phytosanitary Measures 15) regulations.

Our Customers

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TecBox services customers in various industries. Currently we serve customers in high-tech (aerospace), paper production (forming fabrics / test equipment), disaster recovery and artwork (glass, sculptures, metal art), antiques, paintings. Basically everybody who needs to get a sensitive product safely from A to B.

We work very closely with every customer to ensure that our products meet the industry requirements and provide the best possible packaging solution.

We are committed to providing customer service that exceeds your expectations.

We provide flexible, partnership-based solutions for your shipping needs.

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